10 Workout Songs For November 2018

November 2018 Playlist

The highlight of this month’s top 10 list is its variety. Starting with the rap tracks, it features one collaboration pairing Logic and Jaden Smith alongside another featuring Kodak Black, Offset and Travis Scott. On the dance …

C’est La Vie – Trans Pecos Ultra 2018 Race Report

By Sheryl Collmer

Everything about the 4th annual Trans-Pecos Ultra 2018 was très bien.

Formidable, even. That’s because it was dominated by a highly experienced French multi-sport athlete, Démétrio Fernandez, a 10-hour Ironman and veteran of many stage races in …

The History Of The Turkey Trot

The Most Popular Day For Running

If there’s one thing that motivates people to run, it’s free pie—or any dessert, really. That was my reason for running the 2017 Chase Columbus Turkey Trot with more than 8,000 other athletes. It …

Garmin inReach Mini

Basic summary: A two-way satellite tracking and communication device that is small and lightweight enough to conveniently carry on your long adventures. The Garmin inReach Mini allows two-way messaging from virtually anywhere in the world, using pre-set customized or real …

Deena Kastor’s Tips For First-Time Marathoners

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into a marathon, regardless of any one runner’s experience level. For first-timers, there exists a significant intimidation factor when it comes to tackling 26.2 miles. Am I up to the physical challenge? Do

Indiana Trail 100: How I Won By Accident

By Sheri Poskanzer

I’ve heard it a thousand times: 100 miles is a long way, anything can happen, something will go wrong at some point. And I haven’t just heard this sage advice, I’ve experienced it as well. At the …

3 Tips To Tackle Your Off-Season

Taking Time Off

In triathlon, there’s a distinct “off-season”—a time where athletes don’t train as hard, don’t work on their strength and conditioning as often and inevitably fall off the workout and nutrition wagon a little.

Running is interesting because …

The Gift of the Bear 100

By Erik Price

I first envisioned the Bear in the summer of 2016. Another runner told me he was training for a 100- miler in Utah called The Bear, a challenging but highly rated race, and one of the “super …