Raspberry Pi 3A+ development interview

The last time the Raspberry Pi family had a new A-form-factor design, more compact and lightweight than the full-size B and B+ ranges, it was the Raspberry Pi A+ released four years ago. Since then, the family has grown considerably: …

Camera Module projects

We’ve selected six Camera Module-related projects to try out. If you need some inspiration, then take a look at the pick of the bunch

Pi Zero LED case hack

As you now know, the NoIR version of the Camera Module …

DAC+ DSP review

HiFiBerry’s new DAC+ DSP (£60/ $80) hopes to take Raspberry Pi audio to another level, bringing digital signal processing (DSP) to a reasonably priced DAC (digital-to-analogue converter).

Regular readers may notice that it bears a lot of similarity to the …

Formula Pi 2018 Final

Formula Pi, the self-driving robot racing competition, is gearing up for a grand final tonight.

The finals are due to start at 18:30 GMT on Wed 10 Oct 2018.

It’s been an exciting year for Formula Pi, with new …

Write for The MagPi magazine

Love hacking, making, and crafting with Raspberry Pi? Want to write about Raspberry Pi for the official magazine, and share your love with the world? Then you should write for The MagPi magazine.

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FRILLER shape-changing robot

A two-wheeled robot scoots under a glass table, turns around, and… its wheels expand into spiky petal-like ‘legs’ for a larger radius, enabling it to clamber over the top of the table. This is the phenomenal FRILLER, created by …