Pinnacle Practice

By Ian Vorster

Emilee Mowlds was introduced to undergraduate research in her junior year when she applied for a position counting salamanders and cutthroat trout through Oregon State University’s College of Forestry Mentored Employment Program. While working in OSU’s H.J. …

Symposium Explored Future of AI and Robotics

The final event of Oregon State’s 150th anniversary — “The Promise and the Peril of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics” was attended by more than 1,000 people. Thought-provoking panel discussions informed by OSU inter-disciplinary researchers and guest speakers ran throughout the …

Ocean Leaders Worth Their Salt

Nations and organizations have taken action on nearly all of their recent ocean conservation pledges and almost half of those promises have been fulfilled, research by Oregon State University has shown. Graduate students and faculty from OSU’s College of Science

Outfoxing the Fruit Fly

By Ian Vorster

Vaughn Walton, a professor in Oregon State’s Department of Horticulture, points at net-covered cages containing fruit flies, blueberries and what he calls artificial fruit — a chemical concoction that attracts the flies. “We place little disks of …