Team study breaks Forster resonant energy transfer (FRET) distance limit

Using engineered nanocomposite structures called metamaterials, a City College of New York-led research team reports the ability to measure a significant increase in the energy transfer between molecules. Reported in the journal ACS Photonics, this breakthrough breaks the Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) distance limit of ~10-20 nanometers, and leads to the possibility of measuring larger molecular assemblies.… Read More

Estimating reproductive success of Sanderlings

A request from Jeroen Reneerkens….

Dear Sanderling observer,

Early July, I have told you about the poor breeding success of Sanderlings in Greenland and asked for your help to count adult and juvenile Sanderlings in the flocks you observe. It is late August now and that is the time that you can usually observe most juvenile Sanderlings.… Read More

Leave No Trace: A do-no-harm debate over wilderness camping ethics – Compelling—yet controversial—image of wilderness canoe tripping offers insights to leave no trace

Canadian photographer Mike Monaghan was on a monthlong solo canoe trip in northwestern Ontario‘s remote Woodland Caribou Provincial Park when he captured an iconic image of the North Woods. In a self-portrait (pictured below), Monaghan sits on a granite lakeshore at twilight, leaning against his canoe in the glow of a campfire.… Read More